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Business Security

There are many advantages in having CCTV, access control and alarm systems in the premises of a business regardless of the size of the business. Commander Security Solutions has identified these advantage and offer cutting edge solutions in keeping your assets, staff and premises and inventory safe.

1. Keeping employees safe and preventing violence or theft:
One of the reasons business owners installs a CCTV system is to monitor staff activities and curb theft. It is also of utmost importance to manage the safety and security of employees, which is possible by installing a CCTV system at a business.

2. Preventing thievery, laziness, sabotage or other delinquency:

A CCTV system enables business owners and managers to monitor the behaviour of their staff, whether it is positive or negative. This tends to increase the productivity of the workforce, as those who are showing misconduct or are breaking company rules can be dealt with and undeniable proof given at any disciplinary hearings or court proceedings.

3. Recording and ensuring that health and safety procedures are being followed:

Construction companies and businesses that deal with food items adhere to strict health and safety procedures which have legal implications and are also vital for the success of the business. A business CCTV system by Commander Security Solutions will allow employers to see and have on record that these procedures are being followed correctly. Alarm systems with fire detection abilities are also vital in ensuring the safety of your business, inventory and staff.

4. Number 1 Crime deterrent:

CCTV systems and an effective alarm system are the number one crime deterrent for businesses and homes. CCTV on the exterior of your business property will allow you a complete view of who may be attempting to enter the property unlawfully, and you can take immediate action. An alarm system will be able to alert security teams and the police to any suspicious activity.

5. Reduce cost and risk:

A full view of your business premises by CCTV, both inside and outside, as well as real-time recording and remote access can reduce cost and risk by deterring and preventing crime and theft both inside and outside your business walls. This can help in increasing the profit of your business as well as decreasing the risks incurred.

6. Insurance premium may be reduced:

By having high-resolution cameras installed in the business, the owner will be able to accurately capture the activities of the work place and alerting the insurance company to the fact that there is extra level of security in place may reduce your current insurance premium.

If the business is seen as less of a crime target, your premiums may drop, which can save the business money and allow for a more accurate pay-out if property is stolen, lost or damaged (and caught on camera). If any unsubstantiated claims are laid against you, a CCTV system can help to prove or disprove these claims.