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Domestic Security

We procure and install security infrastructure at the best prices.

A criminal’s primary advantage is the element of surprise, and this needs to be taken away. To achieve this, we suggest that you create circles of defense that extend from the perimeter fence that surrounds your yard to the inside of your home.

The house, yard, neighbours, community and communication structures such as WhatsApp groups all have to be considered in helping secure your home and also your community.

It’s estimated that around 70% of home invasion attacks take place at the sleeping quarters. Commander Security can help you prevent these attacks from happening through our customized security plans that cater for specific areas in your home even if you cannot secure the entire house. Make the home your security priority.

To execute a successful break-in at night, criminals often break in at a point far away from the bedroom area, and our security systems will alert you and give you time to protect yourself and even activate a panic button.

Electric Fencing

A properly fitted electric fence with an alarm system is often a deterrent that can give you peace of mind 24/7. Security electric fences are a type of sensor that act as a (or part of a) physical barrier though their electric shock element, a psychological deterrent to potential intruders, and as part of a security alarm system.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras and supporting systems are vital in identifying where the criminals are in your yard in an event  where they do trigger the home alarm system.

This safeguards the house-occupants from having to exit the house to investigate the source of the trigger. CCTV Cameras also record the activities and modus operandi of the trespassers. Which can be viewed in the home or remotely via your cellphone. The footage collected by the cameras can be used to identify the perpetrators, their movements and their activities. The footage can be used as vital evidence which can secure a successful conviction in the court of law.

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Outdoor Security Beams

Outdoor security beams for your yard often let out a laser beam that detects when motion passes through it. When this occurs, a signal is sent to the alarm panel and the alarm is activated. Therefore letting the owner and occupants know that there is an intruder before anyone enters the house.

Indoor Security Passives

These are vital in your home to detect any form of intrusion. They are a great function to have on the alarm especially when going on holiday or traveling frequently. This function can be added to your alarm to send a notification alerts.

Door Contact Sensors

Door contact sensors are an important component of security systems and smart homes. They detect when intruders open windows or doors. A contact sensor can turn your lights on, trigger smart door alerts on your smartphone or control a smart thermostat, among other functions.

Panic Buttons

Panic buttons at strategic places around your house and even a sturdy security gate that separates the living area from bedrooms are an absolute must in protecting your home and eliminating the criminals’ element of surprise.

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Security evaluation questions

Answering ‘NO’ to any of these questions below, indicates a heightened risk factor:

1. Do you keep abreast of criminal activity in your suburb, town or district?
2.Do you check for warning signs of crime or criminal activity in your area and have you attended a course on recognising these?

3.Is there an organised crime-watch in your area, and are you a member?

4. Do you check your yard and home for warning signs when you return from work, town, school or church?

5. Do you keep proper records of your workers’ details, with photographs and copies of their ID documents?

6. Do you have a safety plan for your home and family?

7. Are your sleeping quarters separated from the rest of the house by a security gate?

8. Do you have a CCTV system that allows you to scout your yard and property without having to exit your house?

9. Are your firearms readily accessible at night, and not locked away in a difficult-to-reach safe?

10. Are you a member of a WhatsApp safety group in your area?

11. Are all windows covered with burglar proofing, regardless of whether or not they can open?

12. Is your property protected by an electric fence connected to an alarm system with a siren?

13. Does at least one dog sleep indoors at night?

A ‘yes’ to any of these question below indicates a heightened risk factor:

1. Do you pay your workers in cash?
2. Is it clear to an observer that you may have cash on hand inside your property? For example, do you run a cash business at home?

3. Have you had any labour disputes during the preceding 24 months?

4. Are you and/or your spouse over 60 years of age?

5. Do you exit your home at night to investigate barking dogs?

6. Do you leave the gate to your home unlocked during the day?
7. Do you have builders or renovators on site? Do they have their own set of keys to access your property?
8. Do you leave gardening and other tools outside and unlocked during the night?