Estate Security

People are often attracted to living in estates, eco-estates and complexes because of the perception of the safety element they offer.

However, when their security systems are of substandard quality, outdated or poorly maintained it will only be a matter of time before criminals take advantage and expose such loopholes.

Commander Security Solutions offers the latest in comprehensive security systems that are key in safeguarding estates and complexes together with its occupants. Occupants need to be assured that the systems in place are of the highest quality for their peace of mind and property value.


We at Commander Security offer tailor-made solutions that are expandable so that future requirements can be accommodated. Our solutions range from technology that allows for video verification at the central stationbuilt-in false alarm prevention features, can warn when swimming pool areas have been breached or gates exited, in the interests of protecting small children. Multipartition features and the ability to distinguish between external and internal intrusions with different sounding alarms are also desirable feature.

Perimeter security systems are very important because protection starts at the perimeters where intruders can be detected long before they gain access to the estate. The infrastructure we install is able to safeguard and monitor the perimeter barriers with state-of-the-art technology such as photoelectric detectors that allow occupants  freedom of movement inside the estate and inside their units. This type of intelligence is particularly important in South Africa’s unique crime environment where break-ins often occur in the early evening when alarm systems have not been armed.


Our security systems can also be supported by auxiliary power supplies that support the uninterrupted functioning of keypads and detectors when the main fuse is damaged or during load-shedding.


CCTV: In estates and complexes, there is a strong need for CCTV camera systems. Aside from crime prevention, it is becoming increasingly sought-after by working parents as a watch-dog, either wanting assurance that their children have arrived home safely from school, or simply to check that all is well on the home front.

Video verification: On the activation of an alarm signal, Video verification systems allow home occupants to see the intruder at their perimeter via their cellphone, e-mail or even television screen. Realtime footage of an intrusion, which is derived from a video verification module fitted to their burglar alarm, is sent automatically via their system to their armed response company or estate central control centre, where the receiver is kept. The system has a built-in alarm alert, which allows for emergency action to be taken without the owner having to phone for help.

Electric Fence: A properly fitted electric fence with an alarm system is often a deterrent that can give occupants peace of mind 24/7. Security electric fences are a type of sensor that act as a (or part of a) physical barrier though their electric shock element, a psychological deterrent to potential intruders, and as part of a security alarm system.

An electric fence not only helps in keeping the criminals out, when installed at a farm or and Eco-Estate they keep predators out as well. Precious live-stock and game is kept inside the property. Electric fences are also safe for these animals because they prevent them from wondering off without causing harm that is associated with barbed wire.