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School & Campus Security

School safety continues to be an increasing concern, with a growing number of reports regarding violence, robberies and deaths in South African schools. Our range of products, services and expertise provide efficient security support at a time when its needed most. CCTV systems can be an important part of a school's security system...

  • They help monitor activities in and around school premises and spot trouble as it happens and also helps to identify the trouble-makers
  • Increase in learner and staff safety
  • Catch vandals, thieves and bullies in the act, allowing the school and police to positively identify all parties involved and see exactly what happened

Prominently placed cameras warn learners and staff that they may be monitored and thus help deter bad behavior. Video surveillance systems are also useful tools when creating your visitor management system. Cameras can be placed at all building entrances to record who is entering the school yard and when, monitoring all visitors to ensure they check in with the office, register at the front desk, follow school rules about contact with learners while in the building, and leave once their visit is complete.

Schools also need to have proper alarm systems to alert security personnel in an event of an attempted break-in after school hours. With many schools adopting the use of electronic devices such as desk-top computers, laptops and tablets, they are increasingly becoming soft targets for thieves. Petty cash that’s kept at the school is also another risk that draws criminals to schools.

Supply theft, unauthorized visitors, threats of violence...all of these are things schools need to consider when looking for the right security system. Commander Security Solutions can provide the correct combination of systems to keep any school safe.